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What Is A Roll In Shower?
Jul 10, 2017

In the life, our family will have the elderly and the inconvenient disabled people, whether at home or outside the hotel, the traditional shower room for the elderly or disabled people is very inconvenient. They can not walk normally, in a wheelchair. So what about? We have a shower room designed specifically for the wheelchair.

1. Roll in showers are an alternative for elderly or disabled homeowners. Borderless, bathroom floor is flat, it allows wheelchair, maneuver to shower. Roll in showers allows people with disabilities to have a certain degree of independence when bathing, so that they are very convenient to enter and leave. The shower room can be customized or the owner can install a ready-made unit.


disabled shower enclosures.jpg


2. The barrier-free shower is equipped with a folding stool, and the very reliable, folding seat makes it easy for people with disabilities to use the swimming pool without a wheelchair. The bench is folded and provides space for wheelchairs when not in use. The built-in soap is placed at a lower height than sitting in a standard model while in the bath. Also need to install the handrails, and the need to choose a solid material for the 304 stainless steel handrails to facilitate the sit and get up, give support to help. For smaller bathrooms, shower people with disabilities can fit into the corner of the room. There are three openings in the corner.

roll in shouwer.jpg

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