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What Is A Pivot Shower Door Frameless
Jul 25, 2017

    Now the family requirements for sanitary facilities is getting higher and higher, many families want to have a separate bath space, but because of limited space, so many owners in the bathroom in the simple design of the frameless shower  door, so that not only has a Independent of the bath space, but also a simple bathroom wet and dry area, a lot of people on the frameless pivot shower door  is not a special understanding , what is a frameless hinged shower door ?


Frameless Shower door:

         Frameless shower door in recent years is more popular style, it uses metal accessories to replace the aluminum frame to connect the glass, glass with Shower Door Water Strip waterproof, connected.

      Advantages: simple fashion, looks more transparent and refreshing.

  Disadvantages: Shower Door Water Strip easy to aging, the need for regular replacement, hardware accessories do not like aluminum frame as a large area of contact with glass, if installed properly, easy to force uneven, more prone to blew.


 How to choose frameless shower  door:

NO.1frameless shower door purchase principle:

1, the space of the smaller bathroom, it is recommended to choose frameless design of the shower door, compared with the frame shower  door after the actual installation, the more space occupied, and frameless pivot shower doors mostly use transparent glass Material, can also increase the visual ductility, to open the door type, the push type because of the need for space stretching, relatively speaking, Zaamen do not occupy the other space.

2. In the market, frameless shower door is mainly by the strengthening of glass, glass metal fixture by a combination of precision, in general, to do no frame shower door to strengthen the thickness of the glass are usually more than 8mm, and for With the glass of the set of hardware parts, in the process of strengthening the glass before the glass with the hole and polished edge processing.

3, the benefits of frameless shower  door is based on the needs of the scene, such as size, open the door line planning and design, so the use of space, coupled with the use of shower hardware parts extremely simple, visual penetration effect, if with the use of 8mm Above the tempered glass, safety and durability is definitely better than the with farme .


Frameless hinged shower  door to buy Note:

     1, frameless shower door is a kind of tailored glass engineering, and the overall quality depends on the quality of materials, and interface integration is extended, the initial choice of a professional planning and design of the manufacturers, is absolutely necessary.

 2, frameless shower door, all need to match the glass, choose a full glass, the thickness of at least 8mm or more, the overall structure is safe enough.

     3, the impact of frameless bath door is still the most important hardware spare parts material, good hardware accessories, wear low, the use of life is relatively long.


     4, the construction of the construction quality is also an important consideration, so choose a good construction company, is the most important.

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