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Smart Shower Room - LED Shower Room
Jun 15, 2017

Shower we all know, shower room as the name suggests we can understand, then you heard of intelligent shower room? Smart shower room is the pinnacle of the 21st century shower room, including the new era of new aerospace technology, comfortable shower experience, is the ultimate enjoyment of home life. So what about the characteristics of such a high-tech product?


As the third exhibition after the Frankfurt exhibition and Milan exhibition, Asia's largest kitchen and toilet exhibition, the 18th China International Kitchen, bathroom equipment exhibition on May 23 -26 in Shanghai New International Expo grand opening. At home and abroad well-known bathroom brands gathered in this event, to show their new products and planning ideas.

Constantly over the "one by one, specifically the use of the 360 square large exhibition hall, and" Zen Oriental "for the planning concept, to black and white-based, the use of regular rectangular symmetry to build, simple, avant-garde, fashionable. Floor decorations, natural charm of the dry branches of the works of art crossed, the performance of the essence of Zen, simple, clean, quiet.To allow visitors to experience the invention of science and technology changes in sanitary products, through the goods really feel the future of sanitary products.

Intelligent shower room, for a smart goods, open the door method is to open the door, a common hinge, smart handle, rods are smart shower room selling point.

Electric open the door, easy and comfortable, touch-type electric door, just quietly click will take the initiative to open. High-tech elements make the shower more comfortable and interesting! Waterfall top spray water flow, top-down water, from the impact of mountain waterfalls, wash away the bustling city of all flashy, the return is really pure since. Sub-space glass door in the parents for children bathing effect, to avoid the parents splashing the body. Mother space and sub-space handheld shower can be free to switch between each other, the use of sensitive and convenient.

Structural features

1, hinge unique clever structure, so that part of the hidden hidden, showing the perfect outer surface. Dislocation of the activities of glass and fixed glass, reducing the use of the tape, easy to take care of the daily, while the door to open the door with a beautiful dream of sliding doors.

2, a strong sense of science and technology handle, with a glass display, you can display in real time. Time, date, temperature and other information. People are no longer "isolated from the room."

3, pull rod built-in LED lights, when people approached the shower room, the automatic light, in the lighting at the same time, let the shower as if in the bright stars, romantic and beautiful.

Is not read the characteristics of the smart shower room want to enjoy some? This unique high-tech products really can bring unprecedented high quality to enjoy, is not it?