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Sliding Shower Screen
Jun 13, 2017

It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without such a detail as a screen ,enclosing a bath or shower. It protects an elegant, stylish interior from the inevitably splashing during bathing. Thanks to her, the floor remains dry, non-slip, and therefore safe. But do not consider this necessary thing as just a discreet practical detail.

Well-selected shower curtains can look quite impressive and become a real decoration of the interior. Their fashion and models are influenced by fashion trends and the development of new technologies that increase comfort. The understanding of the shower curtain is changing. In place of a relatively simple soft waterproof curtain came hard options for shower screens.

Sliding shower screen


Sliding or sliding structures are made mainly of glass or plastics. Movable parts of such curtains usually move along a special profile on rollers. According to the principle of action, among them there are:

· With three or two movable blind plates. At the same time, any cloth can be pushed aside to take advantage of a shower or a bath.

In some cases, in the cramped rooms a curtain is installed, in which only one panel is movable. The second, fixed panel, due to lack of space, there is simply no place to move.


· Often, fixed panels are installed on the sides of a bath or shower, and two front sliding doors provide easy access to a bath or shower.

Screen - "accordion"

One of the most original and best-saving types of shower screen is the "accordion". Folding like a tool that gave it a name, it takes up relatively little space and looks pretty impressive. Made such screens - curtains can be made of plastic masses or glass.

Such a folding folding screen should be attached only to a wall on which nothing else is fixed, for example, piping, shower fittings, shelves or other accessories. The wall must withstand the entire weight of this partition in the folded form. The main drawback of such shower curtains, their relative fragility, is associated with the peculiarities of their design. There are many articulations in it, each of which can break with careless opening or closing.