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Shower Room Safety Tempered Glass
Jul 20, 2017

Shower room is mainly composed of tempered glass and profiles hardware parts, each part of the industry have safety standards. How to distinguish the Shower Enclosures  tempered glass is safe,Today we discuss the shower door tempered glass.

1, visual glass transparent, with or without noise, bubbles and other defects. Analysis: the production of glass material impure or process defects will make the glass with nodes and bubbles and other defects, reducing the mechanical strength of glass and so on.

hinged shower_conew1.jpg

2, whether the international glass certification, whether the brand name, whether the security code.

shower cabin.jpg

3, completely tempered glass debris model. Analysis: According to the national standard tempered glass safety, the number of pieces per 50 * 50mm area shall not be less than 40 pieces.

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