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Reasonable Storage To Create A Dense Bathroom Has A Cool Bathroom
May 22, 2017

From this beautiful home of the various rooms of the storage and layout can be seen, the spring of the home needs of clean, elegant, slightly added in the bathroom bright colors of toiletries, you can show a comfortable, fresh effect. No messy, methodical, the same is the key to finishing the bathroom in spring, the use of space around the storage, in order to make the bathroom has a very cramped space is spacious, resulting in more convenient and cleaner life.

Make full use of the space below the basin

The space below the basin can put the next large storage box, in the arrangement of such storage methods, pay attention to the storage box of the sealing effect, and the need for better wet and dry bathroom partition.


The second method of using the space below the basin

In another bathroom under the basin, there is another way to use space to do the method. You can make a washstand into an open drawer, towels, bath towels, toiletries and skin care products, with good ventilation at the same time, you can also become a display space.

Make full use of the idle bathroom space

May wish to make full use of the idle space in the bathroom, as an effective admission assistant, as long as clean, small space will become less crowded. The family in this case took advantage of the space on the side of the bathroom entrance, arranged the washing machine, an open locker and push-pull lockers, so that all kinds of toiletries and bath towels, bathrobes and other bath products , So that the bathroom showing a clean, clean appearance.

Mirror and lockers combine to extend the space

Like a picture on this will be a storage cabinet up and down two places to install the mirror, both can make good use of the basin above the space, but also through the mirror reflection to the room to bring some ductility, is very worthy of reference. With the partition of the lockers can be a variety of toiletries and skin care products sorting, clean and at a glance.


Clean, organized bathroom color matching method

1 bathroom most of the space is used in white, and through the bathroom mirror reflection to make a clean feeling to be extended.

2 doors, shutters, decorative frame using lighter wood color, as part of the clean space.

3 In order to avoid the bathroom space is too pale, you can choose a sense of quality dark brown wall, matched with the same color tiles, to a single bathroom space to bring changes.

4 bathroom supplies should not be too fancy, blue towels and dark towel match, the most able to reflect the ocean as pure feeling.

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