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Precautions For Installation Of Shower Room
Apr 28, 2017

1. Shower room before installation should be done well design planning, in advance wiring and set up protection switch equipment, lest the future use of buried leakage of hidden dangers, crisis to oneself and the personal safety of the family.

2. In the installation of shower room before, must combine the area and height of the bathroom to choose the appropriate shower room products, shower room whether it is too low or too high will give people uncomfortable feeling, generally speaking shower room height of about 2.1 meters, installation of the time also need to add 10 cm.


3. Shower room glass selection is essential, here is a misunderstanding you must understand: shower room glass is not thicker and better, generally speaking, flat-door shower room use of the glass larger, but the stability is poor, so should choose a slightly thicker one points, while fan-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, the door of the event and other shower room Select the normal thickness of the glass can.


4. Installation of shower room before the seepage control, shower room is the most concentrated area of water, so we must not despise, more observation of the situation of seepage in order to avoid the use of frequent leakage problems in the future.

5. The most important thing before the shower room installation is: Choose Normal products, do not greedy cheap and buy the unknown shower room brand production products, in the purchase, must check whether there are 3 C certificate, quality certificate, patent certificate, indispensable, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed.


6. Heating equipment should be separated from the shower room as far as possible, lest cause heating equipment to damp, affect the use, but also avoid heating equipment temperature too high on the shower room glass.