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Mounting The Shower Corner In-house
May 25, 2017

Mounting the shower corner in-house

The bathroom decoration is finished. The tilers have done their job, and you just need to install a shower enclosure, the installation of which you can easily handle with a simple installation kit.

The least time and work is occupied by frame structures, since they are sold either in fully assembled form (for example, Supernova shower enclosure) or partially assembled, so the probability that you will spoil something is small. The only negative is a large box, which is difficult to place in a car. Frameless structures, on the contrary, require a large amount of accuracy during installation. And it's not just about agility. Few bathroom has perfect right angles and even walls, which can make it difficult to properly adjust the frameless shower corner.

How to do it?

From the upper and lower horizontal profiles, remove the so-called. Transport corners (If you suddenly forgot to remove them, expand the shower corner on each side by 2 cm, so the shower corner does not have to copy the radius of the pallet!). On the right and left fixed walls, set the upper and lower horizontal profiles, then tighten them.

Tip - Lubricate the screws with a vasilin, so that they can be screwed to the aluminum profile better.


Mount the shower corner on the installation profiles, place the corner on the pallet, set it with a level, mark the profiles on the wall. Drill in the wall holes for the dowels, and then screw the profiles to the wall.

Application of silicone sealant to the mounting profile:

Apply a silicone sealant to the bottom of the installation profile to prevent water from flowing out of the tray. Apply the sealant to the mounting profile from the outer side in the vertical direction.

Advice - do not apply sealant from the inside of the shower corner vertically to allow water to flow back freely.


Mount the shower enclosure in the installation profiles and make up using the level.


Attach the shower enclosure from the inside to the mounting profiles using screws with a plastic gasket and cover them with a decorative plug.

montaz04.jpgIn the drilled holes of the upper part of the glass doors, fix the metal roller mechanisms


In the holes of the lower part of the glass doors, fasten the plastic door fastening mechanism, which in the future will allow you to easily remove and put on the glass doors for easier cleaning.

Glass doors slide the roller mechanism on the upper horizontal profile, and snap it to the bottom profile using a plastic mechanism.


Insert the handles into the glass doors.Attention - for each part of the handle, place a silicone transparent lining.


To the fixed glass part of the shower corner, attach the plastic decorative strips.Tip - for better handling of the strip, cut glass with soapy water.


On the glass doors, wear plastic magnetic seals to perfectly seal the door. The entire shower enclosure on the contour from the outside should be treated with silicone.

Caution - do not seal the shower enclosure from the inside so that the water flows freely into the shower tray.

montaz09.jpgFinished shower enclosure.