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How To Clean Glass Shower Door
Jul 05, 2017

(1) for the shower room glass on the yellow water stains, you need to use glass cleaner spray, and then scrub with a dry cloth can be bright as new; and shower parts of the various parts of the use of hardware accessories, you can not use detergent to avoid Corrosion of the surface, the best way is to regularly wipe with a dry rag and keep it clean.

shower cabin.jpg

 (2) for the glass shower door of the water stains, you can go to the supermarket to buy a suitable for their own home shower room glass door size of the glass scraping (supermarkets have, plastic or metal stent and handle, insert the rubber strip, the length must Their home shower cabin glass length is almost, too long will be inconvenient), after the bath with a glass scraper shower room glass scraping, do not need a lot of time, not effortless. 


(3) If the shower enclosures on the glass with fouling, vinegar and a little salt can be used to wash the mixture, you can remove. You can also use the toothpaste to the bathroom glass or frosted glass spray again, and then rubbed with a toothbrush, and then wash the frosted glass with warm water can be.

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 (4) can also be cleaned with clean toilet spirit, the other should always pay attention to keep clean, every day with a shower when the shower can be washed. 

(5) first spray the glass water evenly on the glass surface, and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Note that tempered glass can not be scratched with hard objects, so as not to endanger the safety of the glass. Shower room glass is the daily clean-up, after each wash can be readily cleaned about, in order to ensure the long shower bright shower. (From the Chinese glass network)