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How To Choose A Shower Cabin
May 22, 2017

How to choose a shower cabin?

Progress over time changes our habits. If more recently, for many, the ideal stay was bathing, now it is increasingly replaced by a shower cabin in our apartments.


What is a shower cabin?

Let's define, that a shower cabin - limited space of a bathroom for showering. From below, this space is limited to the shower tray, from the sides - walls and doors, in some cases from the top - the roof.

Which is better, bathtub or shower cabin?

Let's take a closer look at the purchase of a shower cubicle, the pros and cons of this step. Lying in the tub is undeniably fine. But their own, increasingly stronger arguments, there are supporters of showers. A light refreshing shower instantly relieves fatigue in the evening. Invigorates and gives strength - in the morning. And modern models of shower cabins, not inferior to bathrooms, are equipped with hydromassage.

Until now, the issue of saving space has not lost relevance. The indisputable advantage of the shower enclosure, which can fit even on the space of 80x80 cm, is an opportunity to save considerable space in the bathroom (for example, under the installation of a washing machine). Any shower cabin takes up almost half the area than a standard bath.

Among other things, a compact shower cubicle can serve to increase the spaciousness and ergonomics of the bathroom, without requiring re-planning and tedious endorsements. A roof-mounted model can provide services for a steam bath, an infrared sauna, as well as aromatherapy, chromotherapy, sound therapy and well delay water noise.

Referring to the topic of economy, it is worth recalling that installing water meters is another argument in favor of shower cabins. On average, taking a shower requires 5 times less water than taking a bath.

How to choose shower cabin?

An unequivocal answer, which shower cabins are better, does not exist. Everyone has their own preferences and wishes for this subject, with which it is necessary to decide before going to the plumbing shop. And for this we offer you a small overview of the shower cabins that the market offers today.

First of all, determine what kind of shower you need. Create a shower space in the bathroom can be different. You can purchase separately all the elements of the cabin (even from different manufacturers of sanitary ware) and collect them in your bathroom, getting an individual shower project. And you can buy a ready-made candy bar.

All shower cabins are divided into:

- open shower enclosures. These are prefabricated models without a roof

- closed shower cabins. This is manned with all necessary cabin-monoblocks with a roof

- built-in (built-in) shower cabins.

 Perhaps, these are the main characteristics of the shower cabin.

Choosing an open shower cabins


An open cabin is a booth that does not have a roof, and two or three walls of this cabin are tiled bathroom walls. She is a team, and, as a rule, consists of:

 - shower tray

- shower enclosure

- devices for showering (mixer, shower head, hydromassage jets, hydromassage panel, etc.)

Theoretically, the shower cabin can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, even in its very center, assembling a structure of walls, doors and a pallet. Wealthy aesthetes, not limited to space and creating a lounge zone from the bathroom, do the same, achieving really impressive results.

 An open shower cubicle can be simply installed in a niche, between two walls, enclosed only by a shower doo


But, as a rule, when deciding which shower to buy, we choose the so-called "shower corner." This construction is equipped with only two doors (or wall and door) adjacent to the ceramic tiled walls of the bathroom. Size of the bathroom, as the place in it with this option is significantly saved.So, the shower corner has become the most popular type of shower cabin.

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