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How To Choose A Better Hinge
Apr 28, 2017

1. Look at the appearance, take more than a few hinges to see whether the look of the hinge is roughly maintained one to, many bad hinge factory production out of the black there yellow, electroplating instability, plating layer thin, so easy to rust.

2. Holding the hinge Iron Cup, slowly like closing the door hinges, remember to be slow, if you feel the hinge is very good, no obstruction, even try a few are very good, then this hinge product initially qualified, if you find that there is obstruction or sound, even both, then you should be careful whether this hinge has quality problems.

3. After loading the door, a slight force downward pressure, look at the hinge on how, if easy to sink, and more serious, then you should be careful after the door will appear asymmetrical now.

4. Testing its durability with a professional fatigue tester, testing its anti-rust nature with salt mist tester, which is not the average consumer can achieve.

5. With a screwdriver to try a few more hinge adjustment screws and the hinge-tail fastening screws, to see if it is easy to slip teeth, if easy, then pay attention to such hinges is very troublesome to use, one cannot regulate, two unstable, this only sigh of the part.