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Create A Separate Shower Room For The Family
Jun 06, 2017

Family requirements for sanitary facilities is getting higher and higher, many families want to have a separate bath space, but because the living room space is limited, can only bath facilities and sanitary ware in a room. Shower room make full use of the indoor corner, with the fence will be clearly divided out the scope of the shower to form a relatively independent bath space.

Shower room features:

Simple structure

     The basic structure of the shower room is the chassis plus fence. Chassis texture ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, etc., the fence frame for the aluminum alloy texture, the outer spray. Fence on the plastic or tempered glass door, you can easily access, the glass printed with colored spray or lines. Shower room chassis size roughly 80 × 80 cm and 90 × 90 cm two, the size can be determined according to their own needs。

Modeling and diverse

       In addition to the common square, there are a variety of shapes such as round, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped. The doors on the fence are also not in the form of common, and are more flexible. Some shower room at the top of the fence with a frame with the same texture of the beams, beams at both ends can be fixed on both sides of the wall, on the one hand can increase the stability of the shower room, on the other hand can also be used to hang items.


       The current market sales of the shower room has broken through a single white in the past, adding a lot of bright colors, which is popular with the current multi-color decoration of the bathroom fashion trends, clean and decorative functions into one. In addition to see some of the shower room with a relatively rare sandblasting gold or sandblasting silver process, the color of luxury, extraordinary style, but the price is relatively more expensive.

Shower room (screen) appearance quality to meet the standard

1, the surface of the frame shall not have cracks, erosion, bubble and oxide film off.

2, spray the surface color uniform, smooth and delicate, not burr, flash, shrink edge and so on.

3, the plating surface shall not have peeling crack, pitting, peeling and other defects.

4, the framework and other surface corrosion resistance should meet the requirements of the corresponding standards.

5, the product strength test by the structure, the detection site should be intact.

6, the use of good performance, door opening and closing flexible without jamming. Seal should be set in the spray, the leakage is not greater than 0.05L.

Buy four attention

1, three no product shut out

      Be sure to purchase a product with detailed production name, site and product certificate.

2, color

      Shower room color patterns should be coordinated with the bathroom style. Its shape is generally symmetrical fan-shaped, large bathroom can also choose a square. Most consumers like the appearance of a pattern of semi-transparent shower room, the product itself is highly decorative, giving the United States to enjoy; but there are some elderly or traditional people, fancy cloth shower room, the appearance of cloth, More monotonous, but opaque, the biggest advantage is the bath when the family can use the bathroom at the same time.

3, identify the material

      The main material of the shower room is tempered glass, the quality of tempered glass is quite different. Authentic tempered glass carefully look at the vague pattern. Shower room skeleton made of aluminum alloy, the surface for spray treatment, not rot, stainless. The main skeleton of aluminum alloy thickness of the best in more than 1.1mm, the door is not easy to deformation. At the same time pay attention to check whether the ball bearing flexibility, whether the door is easy to start light, the combination of whether the use of stainless steel screws.

4, chassis selection

      Sub-tank high basin and low pot two. With a cylinder can be sitting, suitable for the elderly or children of the family, but also a multi-purpose tank, laundry, water, etc., the inadequacies of health problems. In contrast, low basin is simple, the price is lower than the high pot. Chassis texture sub-glass fiber, acrylic, gold three, the best stone fastness, dirt cleaning convenience.