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Common Shower Room Glass Introduction
Apr 28, 2017

Self-Cleaning Glass Features: Self-Cleaning glass is on the basis of tempered glass, so that the glasses have easy to clean capacity, so that dust can not accumulate, compared with the general tempered glass of water stains siltation, more obvious differences.

Tempered glass Characteristics: tempered glass is through the heat treatment process, so that a good mechanical properties, the broken pieces of glass to meet the safety requirements of the product is called toughened glass, the most obvious feature is the encounter percussion, impact fragmentation, there will be no large glass particles, or sharp angle glass appears.


Coated glass Features: Coated glass is coated on the surface of a multilayer or multi-layer metal, alloy or metal compound film, to change the glass optical properties, to meet a specific requirements, can make people in the shower room to see the outside world, and outside the inside.


Adhesive Glass Features: This glass has a strong safety and protection performance, strong impact resistance, noise reduction performance is excellent, and the test shows: Adhesive Glass is one of the most outstanding members of the Glass family.

Fireproof Glass Characteristic: This is a kind of special glass which can maintain its integrality and heat insulation in the prescribed fire-resisting test, use in the shower room above, not only has the good thermal insulation effect, but also is very sturdy, lets the user all be able to be relieved.