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Stainless Steel Shower Room And Aluminum Shower Room Difference
Jun 16, 2017

Shower room has become an important role in the decoration of the bathroom, so people in the purchase time must be carefully considered before starting. But many people for this knowledge is still missing, it is difficult to buy the right shower room products. In the shower room products, stainless steel materials and aluminum alloy materials used more, but how to distinguish them, this is a let people headache。


Differences between materials

Stainless steel shower room by definition, is made of 304 stainless steel frame coupled with tempered glass and other hardware accessories consisting of a shower unit; and aluminum shower room is made of aluminum alloy material inside and outside the box, matched with tempered glass And other hardware accessories consisting of shower 


The degree of corrosion resistance of the two materials

In the stainless steel shower room and aluminum shower room corrosion resistance on the degree of comparison, stainless steel material to be even better. Because the shower room in the long process of use, there are many shampoo, bath liquid and other cleansing products will have a certain pH. A long time, coupled with the deposition or corner of the cleaning is not in place, it will corrode the material, if the use of stainless steel is the material of the shower room will not be affected, and aluminum will find corrosion reaction.


From the appearance of distinction

Now the stainless steel shower door on the market is relatively clean and simple and strong metal texture, and now developed a color steel called stainless steel, changing the color of a single situation; aluminum alloy color changes more, to create the shape will More, the use of electroplating, to ensure that there are more fashionable features

Insulation function aspects

As long as the indoor conditions of the same circumstances, there is no obvious difference between the two, in this regard the effect is the same. The following are the same as the "

Price comparison

Stainless steel shower room than the aluminum alloy shower corner is more expensive, but the long life and more high quality; and aluminum alloy shower room price is more high, and in the maintenance of the time need to pay more attention.