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Jun 08, 2017

At present, many install a bathroom cabin in the bathroom. The reasons for this choice are very different. For those who are happy owners of a spacious room for hygienic procedures, where you can place a shower box next to the bathroom, it can be just a tribute to fashion. For those who do not turn around on the square meters of the bathroom, it's one of the options for some increase in the usable area and more rational use of it. But in any case, however it may be, one can not do without such an obligatory element of this design as the shower door.


Types of shower doors First of all, it should be said that the type of shower door is directly related to the way it is opened. The classic, that is, the traditional, option is considered to be swing doors. Swing shower doors are good in that their design makes it possible to operate them without observing any special precautions, that is, jerks, sudden opening or jerks are possible. The disadvantage, or rather, the feature of the swinging doors for the shower can be called the indispensable presence of some space for the free opening of doors. Although here you can save a little - there are options for shower swing doors, consisting of two valves.


Another version of shower doors, with a slightly more complicated design - sliding doors for the shower. With the help of rollers, such doors move along special guides along the walls of the cubicle for showering (as an option - niches). Their (rollers and guides) are made both from plastic - an economical option, and from metal - more reliable and durable. All of the konstrugo treatment, in comparison with the swing option, but this is offset by the possibility of saving on the adjacent space. Just like the swinging doors, in the sliding version, one or two leaflets can be provided. And depending on the shape of the shower cubicle or the box, the shower doors can be as usual, in the form of a straight door leaf, or semi-circular.

There are also less popular, custom-made, types of shower doors - folding, resembling a screen, and vykatnye.Vnimanie! Whatever type of shower door you choose, pay attention to the quality of the fasteners, and the installation trust only experts. Then the hermeticity and durability of the construction is guaranteed to you


Material for the production of shower doors Since the bathroom, the shower room in particular, is a place with high humidity and even with direct water ingress, then materials with increased moisture resistance and, importantly, with high hygienic indices are used for making shower doors. As a rule, the guides and the frame are made of an aluminum profile. And to ensure that the shower cubicle (or shower door in the case of decorating the niches in the bathroom under the shower) harmoniously fit into the overall design of the bathroom, you can choose the option where the metal elements are treated by chrome plating, anodizing or gold-plated. The door leaf itself can be made of tempered glass or plastic (polystyrene). Shower doors made of glass are considered more durable and hygienic. Sometimes, in order to prevent the formation of calcareous deposits, they are applied a special water-repellent coating. In addition, glass for shower doors can be glossy or matte (as an option - with a decorative matted pattern).

Plastic shower doors refer to the economical design of the shower cubicle. Over time, during operation, abrasions and scratches may form on their surface.

We are not only the owner of the shower room, we are the manufacturer of the raw materials of the shower room (including tempered glass, stainless steel fittings, stainless steel profiles, etc.), from the source to control the cost, to provide customers with quality and cheap products.

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