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Shower Doors For Disabled And Elderly People
Jun 12, 2017

Today, many of us, building our bathroom, prefer a shower in front of the bathroom. They are very practical, convenient, effective, and most importantly, do not take up much space. Modern models are equipped with lighting, telephone, hydromassage and many other additional functions. For convenience and heat preservation, most often such devices use a high acrylic pallet. These models are very convenient for an ordinary person, especially a young, in his prime. But what if one of your family members is a disabled person or an elderly person? It will be quite difficult for them to use such a cabin. Is there an optimal option that will take into account the needs of the elderly and disabled?

Universal option


Bathroom - this is a small place where all free space should be functionally involved. Bath for the elderly and disabled - this is quite an inconvenient device, since they can not get into it alone. They are often upset by such helplessness, they do not want to become a burden to their family. Therefore, before you equip your bathroom, think also about the interests of the elderly and disabled people who live with you.

And there is a universal way out in this situation. Firms that produce various items for bathroom equipment, offer their customers a new version of the shower cubicle, in which the pallet is absolutely not used. The absence of a pallet means no height - boards, steps, which must be overcome. Such devices do not have not only a pallet, but also a ceiling. Side panels are installed directly on the tiles of the bathrooms. All that a disabled person or an elderly person will need is to open the door and enter or enter the shower. No difficulties in this process, they do not expect, since the floor of the cabin is at the same height with the bathroom floor. This option is perfect for elderly and disabled people.

In order for this model of the shower to function successfully, it must be properly installed, make sure that the floor is covered with tiles with anti-slip coating, inside the shower it is necessary to install a handrail for which it would be convenient to hold. Well, special attention should be given to the drainage system, which is mounted directly under the shower floor. Since there is no pallet, it is necessary to take care of the tightness of the joints between the floor and the cabin so that water does not get to the outside. In addition, the pallet serves as an additional heat insulation. The cab without it is additionally equipped with a heated floor, so that you can swim in it comfortably and comfortably.


Benefits of using a shower cubicle without a shower tray

A shower cubicle for the disabled and the elderly is a great opportunity to take care of yourself. The presence of a handrail will help them navigate comfortably and safely through the interior of the cabin, sit down and get up from the seat. For bathrooms - this will be an excellent solution to the problem. What features can be listed in favor of such devices:

There is no likelihood of injury - no barriers, the presence of a handrail;

Additional decor of the bathrooms thanks to the original design;

Easy to use and install;

Simplicity and convenience in the cleaning process;

It takes up little space, especially the corner.

Such a shower for the elderly and disabled will be an excellent solution to their needs and opportunities. But, at the same time, along with them, such a cabin will be perfectly enjoyed by absolutely all members of the family. A shower cabin without a pallet is a new word in the practicality, economy and functionality of bathroom equipment.

We are not only the owner of the shower room, we are the manufacturer of the raw materials of the shower room (including tempered glass, stainless steel fittings, stainless steel profiles, etc.), from the source to control the cost, to provide customers with quality and cheap products.

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