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What is the shower enclosures And How does it differ from the cockpit?
May 23, 2017

In the modern world, the approach to the arrangement of the living space has changed, as traditional furniture and appliances have been replaced with light, compact and functional devices. Each of us can make a rearrangement of any room independently, relying on our own taste, habits and vision.

For this work, the bathroom is no exception, because it is not necessary to use its entire area, it is possible for bathing and hygienic procedures, to allocate a corner of the room and there to mount a plumbing fixture.

During installation, you must follow the rules and recommendations. A shower enclosures will take up minimal space, as its dimensions make it possible to apply different types of mounting.


Note that in plumbing shops you can buy various design models and solutions, and choosing the model you like, make installation of more bright and original equipment

It is important! The shower enclosures is a fence that is attached to the wall. Also sold models consisting of curtains and a pallet, rods and watering cans, and a mixer must be purchased separately. The shower cubicle is sold assembled and should be connected to the communications. Such a sanitary unit is equipped with a shower system.

Select location

These shower enclosures are installed between two converging walls. These kits can be: square, pentagonal, radial, rectangular. And the sizes vary from 0,7 to 1,5 m.

When choosing a corner, remember that the smaller its size, the more inconvenient it is for swimming, since it is easy to hit with your elbow, catch on the handle of the mixer and get burned. Therefore, it is better to stop the selection on medium sizes, starting from 0.9 m.


if the area does not allow the installation of a normal cabin, then installation of a shower corner along one of the walls is made, and this can be either a rectangular or a semi-circular model. There are variations that can be built into the niche, and outside to put the door. But the easiest option is to install a shower corner to the walls where there is a pipe outlet for the mixer.

When choosing and purchasing a corner take into account the location of the washbasin, since it can be placed in an uncomfortable place, and also the dimensions of the device may not match. Therefore, you need to anticipate everything in advance and, if necessary, make a redevelopment of the premises.

Before installation, it is taken into account that the walls must be sealed, and also the corners must be leveled. For this:

Applying the building level, they are convinced of the verticality of the walls, since the slightest inaccuracy will lead to the fact that the curtains will not close tightly, and the water will flow out of the corner;

Identified abnormalities correct;

If the curvature is large, then the walls are faced with plasterboard panels, while choosing a moisture-resistant material;


If gypsum fiber is used for these purposes, then the walls of the corner are reinforced with a metal element, as there is not enough strength for mounting the structure;

If the walls are made of brick or concrete, they are not reinforced;

Take into account, if the water supply pipes are held along the wall, and this will interfere with the installation of fences, so they are removed into the wall or behind the plasterboard partition;

Before facing, the walls need to be treated with a primer

In addition to gipsokrtona you can apply tiles and mosaic, but before they are applied, put a special mastic, and in order to process the seams, apply grout;

After completing these works, they move on to mounting the fasteners;

In the event that a frameless model is used, then hinges are attached to the walls, on which the fences are hung;

If the model with a frame, then the aluminum profile is attached to the walls, to which the structure is attached. In this case, the joints are sealed with silicone

We are not only the owner of the shower room, we are the manufacturer of the raw materials of the shower room (including tempered glass, stainless steel fittings, stainless steel profiles, etc.), from the source to control the cost, to provide customers with quality and cheap products.

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