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Tempered Glass For Shower cabin
Jun 07, 2017

The Tempered glass for the shower cabin is quenched, of special durability. Thicknesses vary widely, from 4 to 12 mm. It all depends on the size and operating conditions. As a rule, fences are chosen according to the size of the pallet. In other cases, they are already part of the cabin. Therefore, there is no choice.


    In the event of a breakdown, the thoughts of the layman are obvious: why take expensive glass in a store, when you can cut yourself or in the nearest workshop. So they fight for days on this issue to pay a little less. Logic dictates that any glass is glass, but a flair dictates its law: no one will want to lose profit

Types of Tempered glass

     It is obvious that glass shower cabins are today the most popular variety on the market. Of course, inexpensive options are made so that as often as possible, the need for repair is required. For the manufacture of doors widely used curved glass. It looks good, but can hardly be replaced.


Below, the technologies used in the production of shower cabins will be listed. We have a simple logic - to be aware of, you need to have an idea of your purchase. Fences in the vast majority are made of tempered glass, not counting, of course, those cases when the material is plastic (polycarbonate, acrylic and others). Tinted? Too hardened.

    The idea of designers is to hide the bathing from the eyes of others. Although not always. Many expensive shower cabins are made of transparent glass. This also has its own meaning: external lighting penetrates inside, and the manufacturer does not need to invent anything, place lamps on the ceiling of his cabin, connect to electricity. On the other hand, many feel uncomfortable under the eyes of others, and the fences take this specificity into account in a certain way.


If the glass is opaque, there are only two outputs:

    Remove the ceiling so that the lamp can be suspended above the shower. On the wall of the bathroom on the floor.

    Create your own showerhead ceiling and incorporate low-voltage light bulbs into the roof.

When choosing a shower, do not forget about these characteristic features of the fence. Because not everyone wants to connect their shower cubicle to electricity, or mount lamps to the ceiling of the bathroom.

    The degree of absorption of light by tinted glass can vary between 5 and 80%. This, of course, is known to many motorists. A special line is bent glass. Such fences are not expensive and are a sign of top models, except for the door. For curtains, curved glass is used very often. What looks nice, but in which case it will bring a lot of trouble with the replacement.