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Standard shower room size
Apr 28, 2017

Height: Usually the ceiling height is 2.4m, so the shower room height is mostly 180cm-200cm, can also be adjusted according to the family height, the actual space situation, also need attention and the shower position is quite, too low easy to spill the water, too high has the obstacle beautiful, very influence breathability.

Width: To ensure the use of the body can freely rotate, will not always hit the glass, generally 90cmx90cm advisable, if the family body is fat, can also be made 100cmx100cm, or bathroom space Limited, made 85cmx85cm also line, but preferably not less than 80cm.

The distance from heating equipment: For the convenience of bathing in winter, we will give the bathroom a heater or bath, if it is side hanging equipment, preferably not in the shower room or near the shower room glass, in case of damp.

The distance between the other sanitary ware: bathroom is often placed in compact, shower room adjacent to a bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinets, to stay around 10cm spacing, otherwise easy to use when the interaction, increase the likelihood of self explosion.