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Square Shower Nozzle Classification
Apr 28, 2017

Classified by Function: water saving, constant temperature, water purification, LED lamp four

1. Water-saving shower faucet: Shower head through the flower shower head shape or shower head of the water spray film adjustment, to achieve different effluent effect, saving.

2. thermostatic shower faucet: shower head through the shower below the faucet to control the water temperature, and have the function of memory water temperature.

3. Water-purification shower faucet: shower head with high-energy purification of water purification balls and surface inlay permanent magnet, such as magnetization, adsorption, filtration, oxidation, ionization and other functions, purifying the water contained in the residual chlorine, bacteria, foreign bodies and other impurities, so that water purity, enjoy a healthy bathing.

4.LED lamp-type shower faucet: Shower head installed with LED color light, through the water pressure change or temperature changes, display different color lights, no additional power supply line. The light shines on the currents and the currents show colorful colours.