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Shower Room Accessories Testing Standards
Jun 05, 2017

1. Shower Room Accessories Sealability Test (BS6340: 1985, Appendix B) (EN14428 cl5.7 & specific requirement):

1.1 will be installed to test the body, and to be stable;

1.2 in the shower cabin with a hand-held from the surface of the body 300mm position, the vertical water spray to the surface of the house (pay attention to the upper end of the body down 300mm, the lower end of the 300mm is not within the water spray) 1 minute. Shower spray speed of 0.15 ± 0.01L / s (EN14428 standard for 20 ± 1L / MIN);

1.3 gently move the shower spray 10min (but always keep the distance with the body surface 300mm), so that each of its surface and the bottom can be sprayed to;

1.4 observe whether the body has a leak phenomenon.

1.5 in the room outside the observation of its surface, can not have obvious leakage.

2. Place the shower close to the door, from the shower floor 1.9M, vertical to the shower floor at the middle line for three minutes, the shower room is not leaking.

3. Water storage area filled with water for five minutes without leakage.

Shower room fitting impact test (BS 6340 part5 cl9): a diameter of 37mm, 0.2KG iron ball from the 1M down to the bottom of the basin surface, can not have obvious deformation and damage.

3. Load test (Enhanced BS 6340 part3 Cl6 & part5 clB6.3):

  3.1 Hold the handle or similar structural part from the product to the wall by 25mm, so that it can stay under the load of 250N for 2 hours, permanent deformation of not more than 3mm or rupture. Not leaking.

  3.2 in the bottom of the basin load 150KG weight 10 minutes, there is no permanent deformation and other defects.

4. The durability of the shower door accessories test: the door should be able to reach the switch door frequency 15 ± 5 cycles / min in the case of open doors 20000 cycles, and each door to open the scope of its more than 70% (EN14428 Cl5.5 & Specific requirement.


5. shower trays basin volume requirements: 0.4L / S speed of the water on the tray basin for 5 minutes, should not overflow the bottom basin (EN274-1 Cl4.6).

6. shower tray basin drainage test: At least 3 liters of water is poured from the highest part of the bottom basin to check whether the water is discharged into the floor drain (specific water due to surface pressure).


7. Shower room accessories Acrylic sheet requirements: Acrylic sheet at least 2.7mm (EN263 Cl3.2).

8. Thermal stability of the plate requirements: the plate into the oven at 200 ° C for 20 minutes, and then placed at room temperature cooling, no blistering phenomenon (EN263 Cl3.6.2).


nine. Materials for chemical resistance and anti-stain requirements (EN14428 cl4.43): Materials after different types of chemical testing should not have permanent stains or deterioration.

10. Anti-impact of plastic material (EN 14428 cl4.3.3): The plastic sheet for the shower room shall be capable of withstanding 45KG impact objects falling from a height of 305 mm.

11.Shower room accessories hot water (EN 263 cl3.6.2): the plate immersed in 60 ° C hot water for 30 minutes, and then dry in the air for 30 minutes, repeat 100 times, do not change color.

12. Dry and dry cycle test (EN 14428 cl4.4.4): Immerse the test board with 85 ° C hot water for 8 hours according to cl5.4 and then bake for 16 hours at 50 ° C in the oven Repeated 20 times, no deformation or defect after testing.

13. BS 7479 and specific requirements: After 48 hours of 5% saline solution, the plating surface should be 8 or higher.

14. Paint adhesion test (ISO 2409): surface paint should meet the cross-sectional value ≤ 2.

(EN1112, EN1113, specific requirement): The overall size, package size, and other functional accessories are properly fitted together, subject to specified instructions, and the dimensional deviation shall meet the standard requirements.

16. Leakage of the faucet (EN 817 cl9.3): When the faucet is closed, put 1.6Mpa less than 30 ° C water for 1 minute, will not leak.

17. Shower room accessories Specific requirements: In general use there is no risk of interest and similar defects, the surface without cracks, cracks, fragmentation or other defects.

18. Shower room accessories Safety tempered glass (BS 6206): Due to heat, the safety of the glass, the minimum number of grain size should be 40. Note: at -50 ° C ~ 100 ° C, affected.

Nineteen. Leakage of throat and shower (EN 1112 cl9): 5 minutes at 0.5 ± 0.02Mpa less than 30 ° C. After testing each function of the shower, there is no leakage.

20. Anti-torque test (EN 817 cl13): Apply a force of 6 ± 0.6N for 5 minutes at the area where the faucet is closed and 3 minutes for 5 minutes at the end of the hot and cold water direction control device. There will be deformation and damage.

21. throat tensile strength (EN 1113 cl9.2): requires the tail of the throat can withstand 500N force for 5 minutes.

22. Shower room parts faucet durability (EN 817 cl12.1): the leading should reach 70,000 times the switch cycle (sometimes only asked to do 20,000 times).

23. Specific requirements of spherical joints: spherical joints in the water temperature <30 ° C, 0.35 ± 0.035Mpa pressure to 1500 times / hour frequency rotation and shaking, 10000 cycles, the same pressure 5 minutes of water leakage does not exceed 0.3L / MIN (sometimes only required to do 5000 times).

24.Selector (hot and cold water valve) should be able to reach 30,000 cycles, each cycle, including back and forth to move to extreme positions.

(Cold water temperature <30 ° C, hot water temperature of 65 ± 2 ° C; alternating for cold water and hot water for 152 minutes; water pressure of 0.4 ± 0.02Mpa)

25.(EN 1113 cl9.4): Installed in accordance with EN1113 9.4, the throat can be made 5000 cycles at 20 times / minute bending rate. After the test, the throat can withstand 0.3 ± 0.02 Mpa internal water for 2 minutes, the water temperature <30 ° C