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Shower Partitions
Jun 07, 2017

Main advantages of shower partitions.

Glass shower partitions or fencing for the shower room have a number of features that explain their relevance and popularity:

Strength. These products are resistant to mechanical damage, perfectly resist any chemical substances. When sanitizing glass will not cloud and will not be covered with scratches.

Security. If there is an elderly person in the house, pregnant or children, the use of shower partitions is the best option. This will protect against falls. Tempered glass has increased strength, and even if it is broken, which is very difficult, it will crumble into small, life-threatening fragments.

Ecological compatibility. Glass does not rot and does not rust, it refers to environmentally friendly materials.

Aesthetics. You can order tinted or matt shower partitions, apply a colored film or picture on them.

Partition variants

Installation of fixed shower partitions from glass is appropriate in very large shower rooms, or in combination with textile systems. This is due to the fact that such partitions / fences can accommodate less water than, for example, a standard shower cubicle.


To buy a standard glass shower partition model PR-12 can be priced from 12 thousand rubles.

This amount includes:

Tempered colorless glass with a thickness of 8 mm and dimensions of 1800x600mm


Tube of spatial stiffness

Set of fasteners for pipes.

A significant advantage of glass showers is easy care. Despite the fact that the glass shower partitions are very simple, they look just gorgeous! In addition, they are safe to operate and very economical when buying.

Security is the cornerstone. Some glass products are made of single-pane glass, and this is extremely dangerous for others. Shower partitions in our company are made from a multilayer triplex, which is almost impossible to break. If this happens, the fragments will remain on a special film and will not harm you. Car enthusiasts are aware of this technology, since automotive glasses are made from a triplex.

Shower partitions have gained immense popularity in the West, and are becoming more and more in demand every day in Russia. Glass shower part is elegance and style, confirmation of the owner's excellent taste. Minimalism and high-tech is difficult to imagine without these glass partitions, which have become an integral part of the design of the bathroom.

We are not only the owner of the shower room, we are the manufacturer of the raw materials of the shower room (including tempered glass, stainless steel fittings, stainless steel profiles, etc.), from the source to control the cost, to provide customers with quality and cheap products.

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