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shower cabin and Shower Enclosures,Who is better?
May 19, 2017

Probably, the very formulation of this question is part of the answer. And what is better: an airplane or a car? Most likely, the situation will dictate the choice of installation in the bathroom shower cabin, or shower enclosure.

 душевый кабина.jpg

A shower cabin appeared in the bathroom to save space and protect the walls from splashing water. Gradually, it was supplemented by various accessories, offering its owner not only washing under the shower, but also hydromassage, light therapy, aromatherapy and even music. Structurally the shower cabin is a compact space in the bathroom, bounded from below by a pallet, side walls with a door, and on top often a roof. If the cabin has a high pallet, then this is a shower box with a large set of water procedures. The cabins are very economical - one intake of the shower consumes several times less water than when taking a bath.


shower enclosure do not have rear walls and a roof and can be installed on a pallet or on the floor. The very absence of the rear walls visually increases the space behind the fence, emphasizes the beauty of the ceramic tile in your bathroom and allows you to arrange the shower equipment to your taste. The shower cabin immediately attracts attention, becomes a bright accent in the interior of the bathroom. It is impossible not to notice it. In addition, it is fully equipped with all the equipment installed on the rear walls, so there is no need to buy something. When choosing a shower cubicle, it is necessary to take into account not only its technical parameters, but also the proportionality with the bathroom, and, most importantly, with its own dimensions, so that you do not stand under the shower at the "attention" or bending your head. In comparison with the cabins, shower fences can be even more ergonomic and also fully fulfill their function - they protect the room from water, and with its stylish design and various decor give the interior a special chic. Like cabins, shower fences are corner, square, rectangular, installed In a niche, with a curved wall, swinging or sliding doors. Walls are usually made of strong tempered glass, which can be transparent or matte, darkened, with a pattern or even embossed. At the request of the buyer, a water-repellent layer can be applied to the glass. From the design point of view, shower fences give more freedom in creating an individual interior, ideally adapted even for the most tiny bathrooms.


Optimal is considered the rectangular shape of the space taken away under the shower. A convenient swing door or a shower enclosure door is suitable for a large room. Sliding doors on metal rails save space in small bathrooms


cabin and the enclosure can have almost the same equipment, except for multi-functional shower boxes with various bath services.


Shower cabins and boxes, as well as many fences are completed with mixers. Particular comfort is created by a mixer with a thermostat fixing both the water pressure and its temperature. When taking a shower, you can accidentally touch the handle of a conventional single-lever tap, knock down the selected water temperature and burn yourself. The mixer with thermostat excludes this possibility, maintaining the chosen water temperature, regardless of changes in its pressure.



The cabins have a built-in shower panel. For fences, however, there are many models of shower panels with mixers, with a top shower and a hand shower on a flexible hose. The panels themselves often have a set of vertically arranged hydromassage jets. Large upper watering can create exotic effects, such as tropical rain, waterfall, and in combination with jets - a contrasting Scottish soul. If you have chosen a built-in car or box, then in order to install them in the bathroom you will need an additional technical place. In other words, the space in which the brought communications - the wiring, the pipes, the pump, etc. - will be hidden. It will also allow specialists to carry out routine maintenance of the built-in cabin. All shower cabins and many models of shower fences are completed with pallets. They come in different heights and shapes - rectangular, semi-circular, square, including non-standard ones. The size of the pallet dictates the dimensions of the cab or fence. Manufacture pallets all the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware from various materials, for example, ceramics, steel, artificial marble




Shower cabins and boxes can have a variety of basic equipment. Multifunctional models are equipped with proprietary control systems for additional services, a remote control that allows switching the operating modes of the shower cubicle. Such high-tech cabs cost their money. Regardless of what you choose for your bathroom - a shower or a shower enclosure, they should not just be stylish, practical and airtight, but also safe. The best material for the walls - tempered glass with a thickness of 4-6 mm, for frame structures, high-strength metal profiles are optimal, and the doors should be silent and easy to open. A quality shower cabin and shower enclosure, purchased in the branded sanitaryware salon, will please its owner for many years