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How to properly install shower room
Apr 28, 2017

Step 1: Install bottom basin

1. First place the shower room material in the package separately.

2. Then prepare to install the bottom basin, the chassis installed, assembling each part of the parts, so that it is parallel and stable.

Step 2: Install glass and rack

1. Find a good location after the hole, in the inside of the glue particles, and then the aluminum locked in the walls, the glass clip in the bottom of the basin hole, and then screw fixed.

2. Fixed the glass above the glass, find a good location after drilling, finally the device rack, attention to maintain a good vertical level.

Step 3: Install the active door

1. Install the hardware of the movable door and install the hinge on the fixed door reservation hole.

2. Finally, the aluminum and the wall, glass and the bottom of the joints of the sealing seam.

Step 4: Check debugging

Check whether the use of comfortable and smooth parts, find that the problem should be adjusted promptly, adjust the corresponding screw tight, so that the whole shower room more firmly, will decorate the aluminum foil into the wall, to ensure that the appearance of neat and generous, the last need to wipe the entire shower room dry.