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The Size Of The Toilet Is Not The Same, How To Choose A Better Shower Room?
Jun 27, 2017

Shower room import wholesalers, often a problem, there is a difference between bulk purchase and sales. In the actual sales process, often encountered, the customer's bathroom problems, too big or size, consumers will choose not the same size of the shower room. While the bulk purchase is a number of standard, can not adjust the size of the shower room. The more important question is: wholesalers can not be customized according to individual needs size.

Give us an example: Our regular shower room size is: 80 * 80 * 1900,90 * 90 * 1900,100 * 100 * 1900, if our users need a 80 * 90 * 1900 shower room, how can we do?

So, we launched a scalable shower  Enclosures, wholesalers purchase a size of the size of the shower room, you can sell to all consumers. Because the size of the shower room can be adjusted telescopic. Suitable for all kinds of different needs of consumer users. Better for all types of consumer customers.