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How to choose the best shower room
Jul 21, 2017

Shower room generally by the tempered glass, metal frame rail (stainless steel, aluminum), metal connector, handle, shower tray.



Look at the security signs, to burn up, can not be posted on the label, the following factory code to have the serial number.

Look at the light of the glass, no impurities, no bubbles

1 (1).jpg

The common thickness of the glass 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 8mm is enough, 6mm can also be used, 10mm are generally high with the money, not very necessary to use so thick (aluminum thickness should be a corresponding increase) 

shower door Tempered glass and explosion-proof shower glass is not the same thing

Explosion-proof glass is coated with a layer of glass between the two layers of glue, once the impact by external forces, the glass is just like a spider web cracks, and there will be no debris, that is called explosion-proof, but the tempered glass does not have explosion-proof function

Explosion-proof shower glass.jpg

Why does the tempered glass burst? Is it definitely not exploding?

Tempered glass is safe glass, broken particle size requirements: 50 × 50mm range, 4,5,6,8,10 mm - ≥ 40 tablets; other - ≥ 30 tablets.

shower door glass.jpg

Although the tempered glass is very strong, but in general the corner of the place is its weak (explosive point), there is a sudden temperature difference caused by the cold shrink, the current glass technology is not that can not absolutely Burst of argument。

But also absolutely no exaggeration to be carefully care. Daily use to avoid hard objects crash corners, the installation of the correct no sound, push and pull smooth without resistance, the corner of the strip protection, to avoid the cold day directly hot water on the glass (appropriate to put the hot water to the surrounding temperature gradually Rise). This can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of glass burst. So the installation and daily use is also very important

The market will be in the high-end brands with explosion-proof membrane, even if the burst of the situation will not bring serious harm


Glass is best to choose nano glass (that is, the so-called easy - clean glass), the judge is to sprinkle some water in the above to see if the formation of such water droplets. Minus the pain of many clean glass.

Easy - clean shower glass.jpg

shower door frame material (stainless steel, aluminum alloy)

Aluminum alloy frame.jpg


Curved Shower Enclosures


Because the arc of aluminum processing more difficult, are basically push-pull, so the general arc of the shower cabin aluminum rail and rail are not very thick, in order to ensure support, in the uppeand lower rails have shower rollers .


Adjustable Sliding Glass Shower Enclosure


The aluminum alloy (stainless steel) frame is the most expensive part of the cost of the shower room, and the thickness and structure are important factors affecting the price.

To see whether the surface of aluminum is smooth, with or without color and trachoma, and section of the smoothness of the situation, the sample section and the inside, look at the past, color texture are good for the top grade

304 stainless steel performance is better than aluminum, why some of the 304 stainless steel is cheaper than aluminum? Stainless steel of the right angle machining is more difficult, so depends on whether the processing of the body is reliable, in addition to the glass may also be used with relatively poor material.

shower door Stainless steel track.jpg

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