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How To Choose Shower Room?
May 26, 2017

Shower room into the family bathroom history is not long. Because it is affordable, easy to install, full-featured, has become a lot of decoration family of choice. Currently on the market a wide range of shower, from the function to the brand all kinds of different, and so forth. It is necessary to shower room convenient and durable, and nice, in the choice of shower room in the process of attention to what the problem?

From the functional point of view, the current shower room on the market can be divided into three categories:

First: shower screen

This shower room function is relatively simple, and the price is relatively cheap;


The second: the whole shower room

Basic functions are relatively high price;

The third: computer steam room

Belonging to the high-end shower room, shower function is the most complete, so the price is higher than the previous two prices.

1, shower screen

Shower screen is one of the most simple shower room, surrounded by tempered glass screen, mainly play the role of dry and wet separation, in order to maintain the bathroom clean. Generally used for relatively small size of the bathroom space, both simple and stylish, do not need to spend too much money, you can make the home bathroom space effect clear.


2, the whole shower room

The overall shower room is suitable for larger bathroom space, because it is fully enclosed, very suitable for winter when the temperature is low, compared with the shower screen, it is easy to install, with a shower, faucet and other shower equipment and some Small pendant, easy to set up, flexible, you can also carry the back and foot massage.


3, computer steam room

Computer steam room generally by the shower system, steam system, physical therapy massage system composed of three parts. At present the computer steam room shower system generally have a top shower and hand shower. Steam system is through the lower part of the independent steam hole to distribute the steam, and can be placed in the drug box to enjoy the medicine bath wet steam, in order to achieve the purpose of health care. Physiotherapy massage system is the main shower room wall acupuncture massage hole water, water pressure on the human body with acupuncture massage, in addition to surf massage, foot massage.

1, glass

① see whether the glass is transparent, with or without miscellaneous points, bubbles and other defects.

Brief analysis: the production of glass material impure or process defects will make glass and other defects and bubbles and other defects, reduce the hardness of the glass, strength and so on.

② to see whether the original glass on the safety mark certification.

Analysis: Safety certification is the abbreviation of China's mandatory product certification, shower products without this logo can not be sold.

③ look at the finished glass debris model

Analysis: According to the national standard tempered glass per 50 * 50mm area of the safety of broken pieces to reach more than 40,

2, aluminum(Now you can choose stainless steel, will be better)

① the hardness of aluminum

Analysis: shower room aluminum often need to support dozens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass weight, if the hardness and thickness of not, shower life will be very short, all the hardness and thickness of aluminum is an important assessment indicators. Qualified shower room aluminum thickness of more than 1,2 mm, onto the rails hanging glass aluminum to be more than 1,5mm. Aluminum hardness can be tested by hand pressure aluminum frame, the hardness of 13 degrees above the aluminum, adult is difficult to use hand pressure to deformation.

② whether the surface of aluminum smooth, with or without color and trachoma, and section of the situation.

Analysis: second-hand waste aluminum in the treatment, the surface of the smooth processing is not enough, there will be significant color and trachoma, special section of the rough finish.

3, pulley

① the material of the pulley and the sealing of the wheel seat

Analysis: pulley wheel seat to use compression, resistance to heavy materials, such as 304 stainless steel, high-end synthetic materials. Wheel seat seal is good, water vapor is not easy into the wheel, the wheel's smoothness is guaranteed.

 ② pulley and aluminum track with the

Brief analysis: pulley and track to tie in close, small gap, in the impact by the external force is not easy to fall off, to avoid safety accidents.

4, even the wall and wall clip adjustment function

Analysis: Even the wall material (wall clip) is the shower room and the wall connected to the aluminum, because the wall tilt and installation of the offset will cause the wall of the glass twisted, resulting in glass blew phenomenon. So even the wall material to have vertical and horizontal direction of the adjustment function, so that aluminum with the wall and the installation of the distortion, to eliminate the distortion of the glass to avoid the glass blew.

5, Stainless steel support bar 

Analysis: shower bar is to ensure that the stability of the box without any important support, the hardness and strength of the rod is an important guarantee for the impact of the shower room. It is recommended that you do not use a scalable rod that is weak in strength.

6, shower room watertight

Analysis: shower room watertight main observation of the site is

① the connection between the shower room and the wall

② door and the door of the joints

③ hinge at the watertight - hinge because of activities, water tightness is often not good

④ shower room and stone base, bottom basin connection

⑤ Check the sealing of the strips and strips

7, product design is humane

Brief: fine frame, sealed magnetic stripe, buffer device. The The The These humane can provide you with a more comfortable, intimate bath experience.

But the purchase of shower room, there are many details should also be a little attention. Such as the high threshold of the shower room will make family members access to more trouble, do not care to have the risk of slipping, especially for the elderly, children should be carefully selected family.