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How To Choose A Shower Enclosures
May 24, 2017

Are you one of those who prefer to rest under the stream of water, instead of a bath?

What should I look for when choosing a shower corner:


If you prefer a modern lightweight design, choose frameless corner types, consisting only of glass, hinges and leveling profiles, through which the glass is attached to the wall.


Modern appearance and excellent functionality - semi-frame type corner, without vertical profiles. Thanks to the sliding doors, space is saved in the bathroom.


Frame type corner - the most common, here the glass is installed in the frame, which increases their strength.

2. The size of the shower corner

From a wide size range you can choose a shower corner of a square, rectangular or semi-circular shape in sizes from 75 x 75 cm to 90 x 120 cm or use a shower door in a niche that does not restrict you (up to 100 x 200 cm). The shower corner is ideally complemented by a classic acrylic shower tray, a mini or shower channel.


3.Selecting the door

It must be remembered that the way to open the door should be comfortable for you. No less important in terms of space is the way to open and position the shower door. To this end, the assortment of our products presents a variety of door designs: sliding, folding or rotating.

We are not only the main installation of the shower room factory, we are the shower room raw material manufacturers, from the source control costs, to provide customers with quality and cheap products.

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