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How to buy bathroom rack
Apr 28, 2017

1. The purchase must be tested for the endurance of the shelf, although the bath supplies are not very heavy, but this consideration for the long-term factor, that should be careful, if the purchase of bathroom racks is not good quality, it is easy to damage, so must buy a good endurance bathroom rack.

2. Check the bathroom rack is firmly the base, bathroom rack base must be firmly, otherwise easy to loose, even dropped, check to check the base to buy when the wall is firmly, if its base is not firmly, it is easy to loose and easily fall damage.

3. In order to maintain a beautiful decorative effect of the bathroom, so we chose the bathroom shelf time also to choose with your bathroom and other sanitary ware style.

4. Buy a bathroom rack, the most important of course is the material, because it will be in a long-term humid environment, so must keep it not rust and deformation, so we generally want to choose stainless steel or alloy material.